Dermoid Cyst removal via a Lid Crease Incision

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This video shows an approach to remove a dermoid cyst though the lid crease.  This approach increases difficulty a bit, especially if the cyst is firmly adherent to the periosteum.  However with this approach, the scar can be nicely hidden.

Limbal “7” video

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A new video was posted today entitled “Limbal “7”” showing a simple conjunctival incision technique that has improved healing without compromising exposure during horizontal strabismus surgery
Surgical Video by Scott A. Larson MD. Video edited by Christian Zirbes.


AAPOS 2016 Iowa Reception

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AAPOS 2016 Iowa Reception Flyer

Join us at the 2016 AAPOS meeting in Vancouver for an evening with the friends of the University of Iowa Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

Location:  Lift Bar and Grill 

Date: Friday, April 8, 2016

Time: 7-9 PM

Address:  333 Menchions Mews, Vancouver.  On the water next to the Westin Bayshore Hotel

Glasses Tips

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Pupillary Distance

Measuring Frame Size

Finding the Right Frame style

Esotropic Duane Syndrome Journal Club

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We had a recent journal club that focused on the treatment of esotropic Duane Syndrome.  The traditional treatment in our program at the University of Iowa has been to recess the medial rectus muscle on the affected side.  Dr. Bill Scott has published extensively on this treatment option.  We reviewed the data presented in […]

Tear Duct Probing and Balloon Dilation Video

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A new video was posted on PedsEyes Media Sites.  This is a common surgery for tear duct blockage in infants and young children

Adjustable Sutures for Strabismus Surgery Journal Club

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We reviewed several articles related to adjustable sutures in strabismus in adults and children.

There are no randomized clinical trials to compare adjustable sutures to non-adjustable sutures in strabismus surgery.  The Cochrane review on this subject makes this very clear.

Based on available data adjustable sutures are beneficial for difficult cases and re-operations.  There may be benefit in […]

Article on Vision Screening

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An excellent article about vision screening in children was just recently published at

It gives a great summary of the subject and was written largely by a hardworking medical student at the University of Iowa, Christi Donaghy.

Intermittent Exotropia Journal Club

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We had a journal club April 29, 2015 where we reviewed the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group study on patching for intermittent exotropia vs observation.  The bottom line is patching is only 5% better at reducing deteroriation than observation alone after 6 months. Most of the kids remained stable and some did improve but […]

Amblyopia Journal Club

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We reviewed two studies on 5/12/2015 as a service having to do with different regimens of patching for amblyopia.

The first was between prescribing all waking hours patching and 6 hours a day patching for more severe amblyopia in kids younger than 7. That study showed no difference between the two prescribed regimens.  Pub Med Link

The […]