CPT Codes Commonly used in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Corneal Surgery

65205  Removal of foreign body, superficial conjunctival
65210  Removal of foreign body, embedded subconjunctival, scleral but non-perforating
65220  Removal of corneal foreign body without slit lamp
65222  Removal of corneal foreign body with slit lamp
65275  Repair of corneal laceration, with or without removal of foreign body
65280  Repair of laceration of cornea or sclera with reposition or resection of uveal tissue
65286  Application of tissue glue to wounds of cornea or sclera
65400  Excision of lesion cornea, except pterygium
65410  Biopsy of cornea
65430  Scraping of cornea, diagnostic
65435  Removal of corneal epithelium
65450  Destruction of corneal lesion with cryo, laser or thermocauterization
65600  Multiple punctures of anterior cornea for corneal erosion
65710  Lamellar Keratoplasty
65730  Penetrating Keratoplasty

Examinations under anesthesia

92018  Exam under anesthesia- with our without passive manipulation of the globe (forced ductions)
92019  Limited examination under anesthesia
92225  Extended ophthalmoscopy with retinal drawing and report, initial
92226  Extended ophthalmoscopy, subsequent
92250  Fundus Photography
92275  ERG
95930  VEP
76512  Ultrasound: diagnostic B-Scan
76519  Biometry: diagnostic A-Scan, with or without IOL calculations

Extraocular Muscle Surgery

65290  Repair of wound of extraocular muscle, tendon and/or Tenon’s capsule
67311  Recession or Resection ONE horizontal muscle one eye (add -50 modifier for second eye)
67312  TWO horizontal muscles same eye
67314  ONE vertical muscle- excluding superior oblique
67316  TWO or more vertical muscles same eye- excluding superior oblique
67318  Superior oblique surgery- any procedure
+ 67320  Transposition procedure
+ 67331  Previous surgery on eye not on muscles
+ 67332  Reop Strabismus, Scarring or Restrictive myopathy (Graves)
+ 67334  Posterior fixation suture
+ 67335  Adjustable Suture
+ 67340  Exploration and/or repair of detached EOM
67343  Release of extensive scar tissue without detaching EOM
67345  BoTox of EOM
67350  Biopsy of EOM
67399  Unlisted procedure EOM

Eyelid Surgery

67800  Chalazion excision, Single
67801  Chalazion excision, multiple same lid
67805  Chalazion excision, multiple different lids
67808  Chalazion excision, general anesthesia or hospitalizion, single or multiple
Biopsy of eyelid
67820  Trichiasis, forceps epilation
67825  Trichiasis, epilation with cryo, electro or laser surgery
67830  Trichiasis, incision of lid margin
67835  Trichiasis, incision of lid margin with mucous membrane graft
67840  Excision of eyelid lesion (except chalazion) without closure or simple direct closure
67850  Destruction of lesion of lid margin (up to 1cm)
67930  Suture of recent wound of eyelid envolving eyelid margin, tarsus and/or palpebral conjunctiva, direct closure, partial thickness
67935  Suture of eyelid wound, full thickness
67938  Removal of embedded eyelid foreign body

Glaucoma Surgery

65820  Goniotomy
65850  Trabeculotomy ab externo
66700  Ciliary body destruction

Anterior Segment Surgery

65235  Removal of foreign body from anterior chamber or lens
65800  Paracenteis of anterior chamber of eye
65815  Paracentesis with removal of blood with or without irrigation
65860  Severing adhesions of anterior segment, laser or incision, goniosynechiae, anterior synechiae, posteior synechiae, corneovitreal adhesions
65920  Removal of implanted material anterior segment
65930  Removal of blood clot, anterior segment of eye
66020  Injection, anterior chamber
66130  Excision of scleral lesion
66600  Iridectomy for removal of lesion
66605  Iridectomy with cyclectomy
66635  Iridectomy, optical (separate procedure)
66680  Repair of iris, ciliary body (as for iridodialysis)
66700  Ciliary body destruction
66821  YAG laser for PCO
66830  Removal of secondary membranous cataract with corneo-scleral section with or without iridectomy
66852  Removal of cataract pars plana approach with or without vitrectomy
66920  Intracapsular cataract extraction
66940  Extracapsular cataract extraction
+67010 with limbal vitrectomy
66982  Extracapsular cataract extraction with IOL implantation, complex, or on those in the ambylogenic age with or without limbal vitrectomy
66984  Extracapsular cataract extraction with IOL implantation, manual or mechanical technique
66985  Secondary IOL implantation
66986  Exchange of IOL

Lacrimal Surgery

30930- Fracture of nasal turbinate(s), therapeutic
68801- Dilation of lacrimal punctum with/without irrigation
68810- Probing of nasolacrimal duct with/without irrigation
68811- Probing requiring general anesthesia
68815- Probing requiring tube or stent
68816- Probing with balloon dilation
Probing of lacrimal canuliculi, with or without irrigation
68850- Injection of contrast medium for dacryocystography
68720  Dacryocystorhinostomy any method
68700  Plastic repair of canaliculi
68760  Closure of lacrimal punctum by any means (heat, ligation, plug, laser)
68770  Closure of lacrimal fistula

 Laser/Cryo Surgery

66710  Cyclophotocoagulation or cyclocryo
66821  YAG laser for PCO
67208  Cryo or diathermy of retinal lesion (includes macular edema and tumors) one or more sessions
67210  Photocoagulation to destroy retinal lesion (includes macular edema and tumors) one or more sessions
67228  Treatment of extensive or progressive retinopathy, one or more sessions
67229  Treatment of extensive or progressive retinopathy, one or more sessions: preterm infant (<37 wks) from birth to one year, photocoagulation or cryotherapy

Orbital Surgery

65105  Enucleation with implant
67412  Orbitotomy (Anterior) without bone flap for removal of lesion

Retinal Surgery

65260  Removal of foreign body from posterior segment, anterior or posterior approach with or without magnet
67005  Anterior removal of vitreous, not used with complex cataract code 66982
67010  Subtotal vitrectomy, limbal or posterior approach
67015  Aspiration or release of vitreous, pars plana approach with IOL surgery


67500  Retrobulbar injection
67515  Injection of medication into Tenon’s capsule