We had a journal club on 10/21/2015 related to control of myopia progression.  We reviewed three recent papers;  the ATOM 2 studies and a study related to spending time outdoors in Chinese children.

The ATOM 2 studies showed more myopic progression using lower doses of atropine than the ATOM 1 studies which used Atropine 1% but also less return of myopia once the drop was stopped. The lower doses also had less side effects.  The overall effect was statistically significant but probably not clinically significant in the final analysis.  In theory, to have the greatest effect one would like to start atropine before children had any significant myopia to begin with.

The study of the effect of outdoor time in Chinese children also showed a small benefit to spending 40 minutes per day outdoors for 9.5 months each year.  There may be a greater effect if children spend more time outdoors. Despite the modest effect this seems to be a good recommendation to make to families who are looking to decrease myopia progression given the other health benefits from active living.